Content Management System

Our royalty free Content Management system is fully developed by us and customised to suit your business needs. Unlike open source systems like Joomla that try to be everything for everyone, our system is coded specifically to match your needs, making it simple to use and more intuitive, with less chance of making a mistake.

Our CMS can be configured with add-in functions for just about anything you can think of and if we don't have an add-in that meets your needs, we'll build it for you royalty free.

In most cases, you'll find the cost of our CMS system as competitive or better than open source solution like Joomla and Wordpress, and a whole lot easier to use because it has been written for your needs.

Our self administration CMS features include

  • Passworded login panel
  • Mutiple-user allocation access control
  • WYSIWYG page content updating
  • Simple content updating controls
  • Corporate style sheeting
  • Online newsletter self production
  • Built-in automated archiving
  • Email Campaigns for subscribers
  • Image and document upload controls
  • Event Calendar support
  • Access from any internet connected computer
  • Ongoing Support